Kaizo Curriculum

Kaizo Curriculum


Greetings, fellow Super Mario World fan!

Although you may or may not know me, I’ve been in the community of SMW for about 5 years now. In that time, I’ve mostly played 96 exit on and off. I’ve contributed a bit of tech here and there. Here’s a 0.2 second time save in VD3.

But that’s not why I have you here!

Let Me Explain 🎩

I recently started a channel on Twitch, and don’t feel ready to stream any 96 Exit, as I’ve been out of the game a while. Still, I am familiar with SMW, and many of its quirks. There’s one threshold I’ve never crossed though - Kaizo.

I’ve watched Dode slay Invictus at GDQ, and I’ve watched GBP bring life to the entire community as well, but I’ve never done any playing myself.

So, I thought of an experiment I’d like to try - and I need your help to make it happen!

The Rubric 📏

Above, as you see, is my future report card.

  • Each “year” is going to be like Kindergarten up to 12th grade.
  • All progress in the games must take place on stream.
  • Starting with “K” (for Kindergarten), I will play what the community regards as a “baby’s first kaizo” game.
  • There is a time limit of 2 weeks to complete each “subject”.
  • At the end of the time, I will use a time based equation to find out what my grade is. I’ll discuss the equation down there.1
  • If I fail a grade, I can not redo it. I receive an “F”, a big fat 0, and that’s that.
  • If I fail more than 3 times, I am kicked out of Kaizo School, and the experiment ends as incomplete.

And that’s about it!

It will take me (hopefully) much less time than 2 weeks to complete the games, but the issue is that I have to fnd the time to stream, and that’s difficult sometimes with my current schedule. Still, this project’s whole point is to try to encourage myself to start making my stream a bigger priority, and to have a lot of fun while doing it.

So, what do I need from you guys?

What I Need From You! ✖️

I need suggestions for games to fill out the curriculum! They should start as easy as can be, and gradually increase in difficulty. The final hack should be extremely difficult.

So, I’m planning on posting this in the SMW Discord so that the knowledgable folks there can help me fill this chart out. I will also keep a google sheets version of the chart available for you guys to look at and track my progress.

Any suggestions you have, you can DM me on the Discord. My user name is iivii#5991. But, I’ll also talk about it in the appropriate section of the chat - likely #romhacking, or #offtopic

Follow on Twitch 🎮

I don’t know the exact starting date yet, but I suspect any time before June 1, 2022. So, please:


…and watch this SMW themed, 80’s movie montage made real, come into existence. It’s going to be a lot of fun, and I hope to see you there!

  1. The equation I will use is as follows.
    $ ((20160 - mytime)/20160) * 100 $
    Where 20160 is the number of minutes in 2 weeks, mytime is the total amount of time it took me to complete the hack in minutes, divided by the total to get a percentage value, and multiplied by 100 to normalize the result. ↩︎