Things I’ve Loved on the Internet

Through years of careful, studious procrastination, I’ve managed to accumulate an unruly amount of bookmarks in my web browser’s toolbar. It’s somewhat organized, but this page represents the ongoing effort to catalog the best of the best.

I hope you find some joy in these places.
I hope you find a sense of wonder.
I hope you take the time to add to the web.
Even if no one sees it right away, they will one day.

Let’s hear it for the creators who made the world a better place, and visit their creations with great enthusiasm (sp?)!

The Attic

Sites from before you were born that have survived into the modern day.

Blogs and Wordly Colletions

Digital journals and educational walkabouts.

Weird Wild Web

Places that make me jealous of my own inability to create something so ineffable.

Avenue of Arts

What is art? Everything on this list.

Video Games Forever

They’ve been the most consistent and helpful thing in my life since I can remember anything at all.

Programmer’s Paradise

Little bits of bytes for the binarian inside us all.