My main website, odd.codes has been a lot of things, and I haven’t much cared for any of them too much. A lot of the content is hidden, visible only to myself, and a few people I shared it with. From here on out, this subdomain will be what I think I always wanted from the main site - an outlet.

Just a place I can put anything I feel I should share. In fact, I do this privately. I’ve been writing my thoughts out in a thousand places for decades, and it would be better if I tried to accumulate that mess into something worth leaving behind.

As time goes on, I will likely be reusing the things I’ve written in the past, as I’ve never had a place to put them. But, I’ll also be adding everything else I want to pull from my brain as I normally would, it will just go here as well.

So, whatever this ends up being, it’s probably just a small part of me. I feel like a balloon in the bottom of a deep lake. Full to the brim and compressed all at once.

I’m coming up for air now.

Vee Flynn